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A marriage is the legal union of individuals. This may be a religious, social or spiritual process.

Often a marriage is referred to as matrimony or wedlock.

To keep terminology straight, a wedding is the ceremony that starts the beginning of a marriage.

Worldwide, the civil marriage laws vary greatly such as age and residency to name a few. Besides the civil laws, the religious relationship to a marriage also varies greatly throughout the world.

This web site will deal with marriages from many different aspects such as, how to begin, how to survive, how to grow, the advantages, the disadvantages, good marriages, bad marriages, when to leave, why you should stay married, and a myriad of other topics. We also display companies who provide various products and services for a marriage.

As you can imagine, people enter into a marriage for a multitude of different reasons. The most common reasons for a couple to enter into a marriage is public declaration of love, forming a family, citizenship, economics, legal, legitimization, and social pressure


  So far we have briefly highlighted a marriage of one male and one female, however that is not always the case. In many countries the civil laws and in many cases the religious beliefs allow for more than two people of opposite sex enter into a marriage.

Some countries and religions allow for more than one wife within a marriage, polygamy. Also in some social groups same sex marriages are becoming recognized and occur in various places around the world.

Whatever form of marriage a person enters into, their life does change, including their obligations as well as how the government may view them differently. For example, in the United States a person who is single upon entering a marriage may change the way the government classifies this person for taxing purposes.

Other governments may impose rules on a marriage, for example in China they have rules to the number of children a marriage can create.

In general, a marriage is entered into by anyone of adult age regardless of race, color, nationality or religion. Obviously, many social pressures and religious input may play an important part in a marriage and the selection of a marriage partner.


At this web site we do not judge what is a correct of proper marriage. It is our goal to deliver quality information for anyone interested in learning more about marriage, how to increase the quality of a marriage and the ramifications of a marriage. Click on the image below and see all the information, concepts, services and products we have for you.

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